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Karnapooranam is the treatment which helps in cleansing your ear and keeping it healthy .This treatment helps to remove any small to chronic pain in the ear.  This simple solution not only improves hearing but also helps in avoiding any major ailments related to the ear.

It is a therapeutic procedure focusing on the ears. It takes just a few minutes, where the therapist introduces medicated Ayurveda oils, from the simple sesame oil to complex herbal formulations, into your ears and places the formulations there for about 10 minutes. This procedure cleans your ear, removing wax and other dirt particles. It also helps in healing ear-related disorders.

Benefits of Karnapooranam​

Cleanses ear canal

Strengthens the bones in the ear

Relieves Earache

Improves hearing

Cleanses ear canal

Strengthens surrounding nerves

Removes all ear wax and dirt

Prevents neck stiffness

Helps to manage Vertigo

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