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Nethra Tharppanam

Netra Tharppanam is a rejuvenating treatment that involves pouring warm and medicated ghee within an enclosure over the eyes. It is highly beneficial for treating different disorders and ailments in the eyes.

 During the treatment, medicated ghee or oil with Brimhana Dravyas (nourishing medicaments) is retained over the eyes with the help of a ring made from urad dal or black gram flour. The ring prevents the leakage of the medicated ghee so that the eyes can receive the warmth and nourishment for maximum effect. The procedure lasts for 30 mins, after which the  the medication is drained out and the eyes are cleaned with a neat cloth.

Benefits of Nethra Tharppanam

Relieves eye strain.

Relieves Migraines.

Prevents dark circles.

Increases Immunity.

Strengthens optical nerves and muscles.

Reduces pain and burning eye sensations.

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